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Our mission

Empowering entrepreneurs in health.

Our vision

We are passionate about the future opportunities in healthcare. We believe that funding and involvement by both public and private sectors is critical to initiate sustainable transformation within healthcare. This was the foundation for ahti and the founders of Startupbootcamp to start HealthInc. HealthInc bridges different worlds geographically and across sectors, to help ambitious founders access the market and scale

What our startups say

“The HealthInc program has been excellent to help me refine my value proposition and think more commercially on how to move forward. We already have 2 or 3 really solid connections [through the HealthInc network] and we are going to continue to explore that.”

Jeff Povlo, Reset Pods

“It helped me to understand what is important when making a transition from someone who has a scientific background, to a business background.”

Milena Cukic, 3EGA

“Before entering the program, I was mainly focusing on building the product, but during the program, I was focusing much more on the business part. What I like most about the program is the enormous drive and enthusiasm of our coaches.”

Taco Kind, SentoMed

“I think HealthInc has given me a variety of tools. And also a variety of support in different areas.”

Alejandra Sambonini, Emotional Guidance Guru

“They have really helped us sharpen our business plan and our value proposition, so we can really get into the mindset of the end user.”

Saif Ali, MedMee

“For example, ahti was able to organize, on a very short notice, meetings with universities and hospitals which is of great value, also for us.”

Auke de Leeuw, Annovating Products and Consultancy