Founders at healthcare start-ups must understand the ecosystem.


I am a passionate entrepreneur and I used to work at Google on growth mindset and innovations. In 2018 I started working with corporate companies and start-ups at Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp. Since then, I have been training start-ups on business model design, innovation and coaching. As Managing Director at HealthInc, I would like to help […]

HealthInc’s Third Cohort: Get to know the selected startups!

Selection Day’s Results Carefully selected from more than 5000 startups all over the world, we have concluded the 13 healthtech startups to join HealthInc’s third accelerator program during our Selection Day on 2nd September 2021. These talented entrepreneurs cover various aspects of the healthtech industry, which mainly focus on three main areas: telehealth, doctorless world, […]

Achieving global health is achieving SDGs. Here is how.

What are SDGs? In 2015 the United Nations created and established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which act as a collection of goals designed to achieve a “better and more sustainable future for all”. Since its creation, 17 SDGs have been benchmarked as a universal guide in establishing a brighter tomorrow for humanity. Certainly […]

Big Data in Healthcare

Big Data is not an uncommon subject nowadays, just as AI, Machine Learning or Blockchain have been for the last few years. And although these concepts are well-discussed in consumer goods or FinTech, the impacts they can have in the healthtech landscape are often overlooked. We don’t want that, do we? With COVID-19 sweeping across […]

How does the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate innovations in health?

It is impressive and heart-warming to see countries put their hands together and erase their borders to tackle the coronavirus’s sudden attack. We ought to reflect and learn our lessons as we brace ourselves for the second wave of surging cases. This pandemic has accelerated innovations at a mind-boggling speed, especially in health. We have […]

Join HealthInc and RVO in the Dutch Pavilion at GIANT Health!

“The UK and Europe’s biggest healthcare technology festival” as referred by the Finance Times, GIANT Health Event 2020 is a virtual festival of healthtech innovation. This year, in collaboration with The Netherlands Enterprise Agency – RVO, we are going to GIANT Health and represent the Dutch healthtech startup ecosystem at our own Dutch Village virtual booth. […]

Who are Intrapreneurs in Residence and why are they important?

No it is not a typo. It is ‘Intrapreneurs in Residence’. Yes the term ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’ or ‘EIRs’ is more familiar. EIRs are people who build bridges into the startup community. At HealthInc, the EIRs connect our cohort to the health-tech experts and offer them insights of a seasoned entrepreneur.

HealthInc Demo Day 2020: Filling the Healthcare Gaps

HealthInc Online Demo Day 2020 When we talk about basic needs, we talk food, we talk water, and we talk health. It is with these fundamental elements that begins a healthy life. The past months situation has proven that changes in healthcare must happen, and it must happen now. The successful Demo Day organized virtually […]

A message of hope from NYC-based startup during Coronavirus

Ten days into April and the Coronavirus pandemic has shown no signs of stopping: despite strong measures from organizations, tireless medical staff efforts, and researchers working on novel vaccines. Prakash Hosalli – Akila Labs’ CEO, a participating startup in HealthInc’s program, is stuck with a dilemma. He came to Amsterdam last February as one of […]

HealthInc Accelerator Program: Top 9 Updates from our Healthtech Cohort

It is the beginning of April, and the Healthtech industry is working harder than ever to address the elephant in the room: the Coronavirus pandemic. At this point, almost everybody around the world is in the same boat: practice social distancing (we explain what that could mean in The Netherlands when the Dutch PM addressed the […]