HealthInc Accelerator Program: Top 9 Updates from our Healthtech Cohort

It is the beginning of April, and the Healthtech industry is working harder than ever to address the elephant in the room: the Coronavirus pandemic. At this point, almost everybody around the world is in the same boat: practice social distancing (we explain what that could mean in The Netherlands when the Dutch PM addressed the COVID19 publicly for the first time. Take a look here). In a startup’s dictionary, this could mean putting a halt to all the work, essentially stop business conducting entirely. This definitely is not an ideal solution, as it puts extreme pressure on them to survive on the little financial power they have.

The Healthtech industry is working hard to address the current COVID19 pandemic.

The show must go on. This is the time where resilience thrives. And our startups show just exactly that! Being in the healthtech industry, we are on the forefront to tackle this pandemic, whether directly or indirectly.

Top 9 March Updates

Now to the main part of the day: Amid this unprecedented time, our startups still put up a great performance. Their recent updates for the month of March are here:

  • AIDA: Primarily, they focus on helping doctors to make the best possible decision in blood management. Due to epidemiological restrictions in times like this, the number of blood donors dropped drastically. As a response, AIDA created a web application to pre-check anyone if they are the right candidate. Check out the tool here!
  • Easylabs: expanding their IT aptitude in the last few weeks. Dima Savin, the newly added CTO, is based in Berlin and offers a wealth of technical knowledge. At the moment he focuses on growing a capable technical team. Congratulations Easylabs and Dima on the new role!
  • MedicPad: formed strategic partnership with Elo Touch. To understand how big Elo Touch is, every 21 seconds they install a touch screen somewhere in the world. Impressive! In addition, they are developing a thermal infrared camera system to read the temperature from a safe distance. This promises to bring great value in tackling the current pandemic.
  • Miicare: appeared in The Hub, their award-winning MiiCare Cube can tackle the challenges of COVID-19 in the UK! Take a look here!
  • ApexQubit: Appeared in Sifted as one of the top Latvian startups to watch in 2020. Well done! See the article here.
  • OncoChain made it to top 10 attention-grabbing startups in Startup EU, the leading online publication on startups in Europe. Find out more here!

There are still Akila Labs, Lumawomb, and Purple Gaze on the list. Not all have updates, but one thing for sure is they are all working towards their final goal in HealthInc Accelerator Program: Demo Day. For this month, they are urgently preparing to pitch to Investors in HealthInc Investor Sneak Preview to further refine their pitches. This will give them an opportunity to get in touch with relevant Healthtech investors, seize their chances and scale up. Good luck guys and girls!

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