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When the HealthInc program will start, we will keep you updated on the lastest news. For now, you can meet the alumni of our previous HealthInc edition in these blogs.

Launch HealthInc 2020

Accelerating innovation in healthcare through cooperation with public-private partners The Netherlands has a well regulated, solidarity-based care system, in which patient, payer and provider are treated as distinct and separate entities. While this is a major public good, it often creates extra complexity for the players (and new players) involved. In the Netherlands alone, 100 […]

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Annovating Products

Eric van Riet Paap utilizes data measured by fitness trackers and smartwatches to maintain and improve personal well-being with Annovating Products and Consultancy B.V.

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Emotional Guidance Guru

Alejandra Sambonino and her team are working on Emotional Guidance Guru (EGG), an app that helps people become more aware of their emotions.

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Saif Ali wants to improve access to medicine with his startup MedMee. “We are working on an app that lists all the local pharmacies that can deliver to your doorstep.”

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Milena 3EGA

Milena Cukic has been working as an engineer in medical research for 20 years. She is participating in the HealthInc program with her startup 3EGA. “We help therapists make evidence-based decisions in medication management for patients dealing with recurrent depression.”

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Jeff Povlo works at RESET: a product and service designed to allow people to be more conscious and actively affect their stress levels in a positive way.

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