HealthInc Demo Day 2020: Filling the Healthcare Gaps

HealthInc Online Demo Day 2020

When we talk about basic needs, we talk food, we talk water, and we talk health. It is with these fundamental elements that begins a healthy life. The past months situation has proven that changes in healthcare must happen, and it must happen now.

The successful Demo Day organized virtually last week has contributed to this cause. We brought nine talented startups that we selected all over the world and accelerated them during the program. They are now ready to shine!

The journey of nine startups at HealthInc

It is incredible to imagine that the program started just this February, which seemed like half a decade ago. First, we launched our HealthInc accelerator program. With that, we kick-started the mission to fill the gaps in the healthcare industry. From 1300 applications, more than 200 one-on-ones with international startups in 15 cities around the world, to HealthInc’s first class of 2020: nine talented and wholesome startups. They are:

  1. AIDA Diagnostics: Help make the best possible decision in blood management.
  2. Akila Labs: an AI-powered preventive health platform with its proprietary behavior data that will fundamentally alter healthcare business models while delivering unique products and services to its customers.
  3. ApexQubit: provides next-generation proprietary cloud software to automate a design of protein-based therapeutics.
  4. Easylabs: Lab results interpretation platform in multiple languages and from multiple perspectives.
  5. LumaWomb: Uses infrared light to thicken endometrial lining, helping to improve fertility due to an increase in child-bearing age in women worldwide.
  6. MedicPad: Manage patients intake process and medical records using cloud-based software.
  7. MiiCare: AI-based assistive technology for the elderly and people with needs.
  8. OncoChain: Builds an innovative blockchain platform to facilitate real world data collection and patient-centered care.
  9. Purple Gaze: Eye-tracking solutions.
HealthInc Class of 2020 at Selection Days in January

For the past four months the nine startups, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs in Residence, and the HealthInc team worked hard with the support of our mentors and partners to make the acceleration program possible. And then, Covid19 forced us to transform into a digital program, nevertheless, we managed that smoothly.

Finally Demo Day itself!

Startups networking at HealthInc Online Demo Day 2020

Here we were: on the 24th of June, celebrated the end of the program with a big Demo Day!

Virtually, more than 100 people participated and witnessed the change in the making. They are mentors, investors, potential clients. More importantly, we have partners coming to support us, those who have made our HealthInc Accelerator Program possible: ahti, founders of startupbootcamp, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Cordaan, Sanquin, City of Amsterdam, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, and Amsterdam Medical Center.

The energy was high. We transpired an inspiring atmosphere, and conveyed a positive message: there are always good things to consider, and that these innovations our cohort presented will bring us the future!

You can revisit the live stream here:

This was the end of an accelerator journey for our first cohort, but it is just a start for many more to come. Stay tuned, another journey is promised to bring you the future: new cohort, new challenges, and of course new innovations!

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