Who are Intrapreneurs in Residence and why are they important?

Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs in Residence

No it is not a typo. It is ‘Intrapreneurs in Residence’. Yes the term ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’ or ‘EIRs’ is more familiar. EIRs are people who build bridges into the startup community. At HealthInc, the EIRs connect our cohort to the health-tech experts and offer them insights of a seasoned entrepreneur. Despite their essential roles in the journey to success of a startup, Intrapreneurs in Residence are not as popular compared to their co-stars EIRs. The main difference here is that one comes from a startup background and the other is from a corporate environment. In this blog, we will give the spotlight to our corporate representatives: The Intrapreneurs in Residence or IIRs.

Corporate and Startup Collaboration

We all marvel, admire, and celebrate the rich history of Rome. We also appreciate the relationships of startup and corporate in the modern-day. But what do they have in common? They were never built in one day.

Corporate and Startup Collaboration takes time and involves many stages and people. But it is definitely rewarding. At HealthInc, such a role that consolidates this sort of rapport is none other than IIRs. Often, the term comes up in conversations about corporate and startup collaboration. Corporations need the innovation that startups offer, and startups lack the resources corporations possess. Although it is a win-win situation, getting in touch with the right startup or corporation can be rather challenging. Here is where IIRs come in.

HealthInc’s version of Intrapreneurs in Residence

Our IIRs are entrepreneurial individuals. They come from large corporations whose goal is to identify the technologies that their corporations might be interested in. At the same time, their long tenure in the corporate world helps IIRs to offer startups valuable guidance in so many aspects. Being full of innovations and ideas, you can imagine that startups often lack the right knowledge and approach to work with large corporations. In short, IIRs focus on picking the right startups, connecting them with the right persons and guiding them in the right direction.

What does an IIR do? Who are IIRs? While we enjoy a short break between our programs, let’s discover what IIRs can offer to startups, whether it is leveraging their value propositions or connecting with corporations. Take a look at the infographic below!

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