HealthInc’s Potluck: Our First Team-Building Event

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. – Old African Proverb.

This week HealthInc organised a cultural potluck for our teams. It was a culinary melting point for all the 17 nationalities that we had in our program. We had members from Mexico, India, Portugual to the US, UK, Russia, Romania, even Vietnam, Poland and Canada. Despite being in the beginning of the program, where all the startups were expected to dedicated their time to validating products, solidifying teams and getting to know the mentors, they went full on with the idea of preparing home-made food. This was most appreciative: a clear evidence of how committed everyone to each other! Everybody brought their own dish representing their distinctive cultures. We had Portuguese pastel de nata, Indian Mimosa, and Dutch herring to name a few.

We drank, talked and laughed. We came in as individuals, and came out as a unity. This is how we do it at HealthInc!

Take a look below as we share with you our joyous moments!

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